Secure Confidential, easy to use protection
Here is why you need to be protected by Triple-Layer.

  • Easy to Use
  • Never Lose a Password Again
  • Multi-Device Access
  • Auto-fill of web fields
  • 3 Layers of Encryption
  • Hack Proof Protection
Triple-Layer Protects

Triple-Layer will save your time and keep you protected with 6 categories of protection:

Protect website logins. You will never click on 'forgot your password?' again.

Bank Account Info

Keeping your bank accounts number, routing number and contact info handy.

Credit Card Info

No need to reach for your wallet. Store your credit card numbers securely.


Easily store your personal information for easy web forms filling.

Software License

Need to reinstall a software? No problem, your license number is right there.

Anything Confidential

An open ended place to make notes for anything you need to remember, including sensitive files.

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Awesome Features

Triple-Layer is an industry leader in protection and simplicity.






App Screenshot

Included screens in Triple-Layer
Unbelievable Pricing

Saving money without compromise


AES-256 Encryption

Manage Logins

Manage Credit Cards

Manage Bank Accounts

Manage Profiles

Manage Software Licenses

Manage Confidential Notes

Auto Fill

Auto Lock

Same Data On All Devices

Simultaneous Update

Block a

Lost/Stolen Device

Access From Registered Device



Premium Support

Free Version


Premium Version

Only  $23.99 /year